Pacific Palisades Roofing Shingles Options

Little do many that when you arrange to get a Pacific Palisades new roof you are quickly to be faced with the decision about what color roof do you want. Who knew that roof shingles come in so many colors? Not many — all roofs look alike as far as some are concerned. But it turns out that choosing the best roof shingle colors for your house is critical. At Pacific Palisades Roofing, we help you choose the best roof and color that best fits your style of home and more importantly budget.

Pacific Palisades Roofing offers the many variations in roof shingle colors. Shingle color variations really don’t stand out. In fact, shingles come in several different color families with various shades and mixtures of colors and tones. When you look at a shingle up close you’ll see that the grains that make up the asphalt covering are often several different colors. You can actually use those color combinations when choosing a paint scheme for your home — selecting the paint for the body, trim, and doors from the shades on your roofing shingles.

Roof Shingles

Pacific Palisades Roofing offers many different types of shingles and available in a variation of colors!


The roof is a dominant feature on your house. Most roofs can be seen from the street and from your neighbor’s homes. Since you’re going to be living with your choice for some twenty years or more it’s important to put some thought into the selection.

The appropriate color for your Pacific Palisades roof shingles depends in large part on the color of the body of your house. So if you’re planning to also paint your house you’re going to need to make that color choice in advance in order to choose the appropriate shade for your roof. You want to consider both the color of the home’s siding and the color of the trim on the house.

Here are some color combinations that work well. If your house is:

Yellow — black shingles will look sharp
Red — consider brown tones
Green — a brown or gray roof works well
White — looks best with dark gray or black
Blue — dark gray or black shingles
Tan or cream — shades of brown work best
Natural wood — green is a good choice

Daring or offbeat choices are not wise when you’re re-roofing. It’s too big an investment and too long-lived a house feature to opt for the trendy or highly personalized choice. Your goal should be to harmonize with the neighboring properties rather than call attention to your home with an unusual choice. Look around your neighborhood to see what colors have been used. If you see a color that you like point it out to us. We’ll be able to suggest colors that are popular in your area.

Best roof color choices are also impacted by the climate and weather in your area. Light colors will reflect sun and lessen heat build up, important in areas where high temperatures are the norm. In some areas white or very light shingles are popular choices to deflect heat. In colder climates a darker color will absorb heat and and keep your home warm.

Don’t be afraid to get some help when selecting your roof color. At Pacific Palisades Roofing, we have the ability to show you how different color combos will look. Your neighbors might be able to help — pull over and ask if you pass a house with a striking roof and siding combo. And remember,  as your roofer we do this for a living — we will only give you the best advice on what colors our clients have been most pleased with in the long run.

You’ll be living with your roof for years to come. Time spent now choosing the right roof color is time well spent. Call Pacific Palisades Roofing and we would be more than happy to give you a free estimate on your Pacific Palisades roof today!

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